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NLS Laboratory Closure Dates Christmas 2017

The National Laboratory Service will be closed for the following days over the Christmas period:

Afternoon Only – Friday 22nd December

Saturday 23rd December (info only, NLS operates Mon-Fri)

Christmas Eve – Sunday 24th December (info only, NLS operates Mon-Fri)

Christmas Day – Monday 25th December

Boxing Day – Tuesday 26th December

New Year’s Day – Monday 1st January

On these days, the laboratory will be closed. No analysis, customer service, registration or courier services will be available. These days will not be counted within sample turnaround times.

In addition, the following restrictions to service will apply:

  • – Last day for receipt of BOD samples before Christmas will be Friday 15th December.
  • – Analysis of tests with short stability periods (4 days or less) cannot be guaranteed within holding time if received on either 20th, 21st, 22nd, 27th, 28th, 29th December.
  • – No time critical samples to be received between the 27th – 29th December.
  • – Both internal and external courier services will be operating a reduced service over the holiday period.

Please consider the impact of the closure dates on analytical stability times before submitting samples. Samples submitted immediately before the Christmas period may incur additional delays to the starting of analysis while the laboratory is closed, which could result in deviating sample comments being applied to your results. This will be of specific importance to analysis with short stability periods such as Microbiology, BOD, Nutrients, Chlorophyll, and Volatile Organics.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss how this will affect your specific samples please contact the Customer Service Team on 0800 092 0786 or at info@natlabs.co.uk

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