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We deliver on our promises

We never make a promise we know we can’t keep, understanding that the promises we make are essential to your business.

We consistently deliver above 90% of our customer’s reports on time and in full. That isn’t just sample turnaround but whole batches of your samples that make up a complete report.

Treating customers like partners

NLS works with regulators, private companies and partners across Europe. Our approach to working with new clients is always to understand their specific requirements in detail first before offering a solution to meet your timescales and budget.

Our Customer Service Team are committed to helping you get the best from working with NLS and as appropriate you can access the wealth of industry leading Scientists who work for NLS.

Commanding range of capabilities

We offer excellence in Science and tailored analytical Solutions designed to meet the needs of customers. NLS operates out of three laboratories located in Exeter, Nottingham and Leeds, each one specialises in specific areas of environmental testing and analysis.

Specifically, we analyse Contaminated Land, Soils, Sediments, Fresh & Saline Waters, Sewage, Industrial Effluents, Leachates, Fauna, Biota and Landfill Gases.

Working with NLS

Getting in touch with NLS is easy. Either call our Customer Service Team on 0800 092 0786 or complete our online enquiry form here.