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At the NLS we provide a full range of chemical, microbiological and physical testing for a number of marine contaminants – all to ultra low detection levels. Matrices submitted for analysis can include saline and estuarine waters, sediment and biota, including fish tissue, shellfish and seaweed.

As part of our marine analysis offer, the NLS provides a complete chemical, microbiological and physical testing service, with a range of analyses reflecting legislative requirements under the EU Bathing Waters Directive and theEU Shellfish Directive.

As a major participant in the Clean Seas Environmental Monitoring Programme (formally NMMP), the NLS also conducts environmental analysis of coastal waters and sediments for the UK and Ireland. Testing sediments and biota for organic compounds, metals and inorganic analytes, the NLS helps to ensure consistent monitoring standards for the detection of long-term trends in the quality of the marine environment.