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AquaProva provides a shellfish testing service based in the South-West of England. AquaProva is a partnership between ourselves at the NLS and the Cornish company Aquatic Water Services Ltd. (AWS). Customer shellfish samples will be tested under the AquaProva banner at the NLS Starcross laboratory located near Exeter.

As food safety becomes ever more prominent, AquaProva supports the production of safe seafood and a profitable seafood industry. Alongside testing for E. coli and Salmonella, AquaProva will add Norovirus to its range of shellfish testing services, which will also be supported by the NLS from October 2011.

The South-West represents over a quarter of the designated shellfish beds in England and Wales, and therefore AquaProva fulfils the need for an efficient service that reduces transportation impacts and facilitates local businesses and Health Authorities. AquaProva is the only business in Cornwall and Devon that provides high quality UKAS accredited shellfish testing services for both Regulatory and Commercial producers, i.e. ‘end product’ testing before shellfish go for public consumption.

Not limited to the South-West however, AquaProva’s website ordering facility provides a nationwide service. Additionally, provisions for a UK wide courier service are to be rolled out later this year and will be announced on our website.

Our partners AWS are experienced in the science and design of water treatment systems, waste water and environmental monitoring. AWS works with the shellfish industry on a wide range of issues. The NLS as part of the Environment Agency provides high quality UKAS accredited analytical services for both chemistry and microbiology. The NLS also has a molecular biology and research capability, making it an industry leader within its sector.

AquaProva provides a shellfish testing service backed by the highest industry credentials.

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