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The NLS offers a national Water Quality field based Monitoring Service as we recognise that the needs of our customers extend beyond traditional lab-based testing to the provision of more responsive monitoring solutions. NLS monitoring solutions involve the bringing together of, not just scientific knowledge, but technical and engineering expertise as well.

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Solutions to meet your monitoring needs

There are a range of potential solutions that the NLS can support, stretching from the entirely portable, easily deployed monitoring solution in a ‘suitcase’, to the permanent installation of a monitoring station that has been purpose built to meet your needs. The NLS offers:

  • Static / semi portable monitors: Advanced monitoring stations with controlled pumping systems, intelligent sondes and analysers
  • Portable Outstations: Ruggedised equipment for instant deployment adjacent to rivers. Ideal for pollution events, short and long term monitoring
  • Trigger stations: Devices for use with autosamplers, enabling remote control via GPRS, GSM to sample events in real time

Services to support you

We also offer a range of complimentary services to ensure your adoption of a field based monitoring solution is a success:

  • Comprehensive site survey with recommendations to meet the requirement
  • Installation and commissioning of the chosen solution
  • Appropriate training for customers in both the system and software
  • A calibration service for all installed equipment
  • A service package to ensure continued accurate data collection

Example of a permanent monitoring station managed by the NLS

Example of a self contained, portable ‘suitcase’ system supplied by the NLS

Why you should consider field-based monitoring

The case for field-based monitoring is clear: it can enable rapid and in-situ environmental assessments by providing real time results in dynamic settings.

Field based monitoring devices can measure actually what is happening in a given water course over time. It would be impossible to achieve the same representative result in a cost effective manner through traditional sampling techniques.

To request your free, no obligation consultation with one of our experts, email: quoting ‘Monitoring Offer’